Monday, April 4, 2016


The last time I went here at Victoria Peak was autumn of 2012 and I had to hold on to my skirt most of the time because it was so windy.  So this time, I made sure  that my outfit will be the least of my worries when I am up there.  Another thing I always consider with my travel clothes is their non-wrinkles properties.  The clothes must be those that I can just unpack and wear; not the type which will send me looking for an iron in the hotel (even if some hotels actually provide it).  I don't have the  patience to iron my clothes when I am on a holiday.  I wore the rayon top for ease of movement as I move from one place to another; particularly while going in and out of the tram.  I opted for this so that I will be comfortable within a crowd of people and falling in line.  I already expected a lot of people judging from the last time we went here as well as it is holiday out here.  I just bought a light jacket just in case it is chilly on top and it was indeed a little cold.

apricot top from ZARA
culottes from H&M
biker jacket from H&M
boots from FOREVER 21 online shop
soho disco bag from GUCCI
eyewear from MIU MIU

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