Monday, April 4, 2016


Yup, you saw it right people, that is Disney right on this blog's title.  And as the title goes, this was what I wore during a Disneyland fambam stroll.  One thing I had to consider when choosing my clothes for this day was comfort especially for walking long distances.  I opted for the backless top because it was definitely hot that day and the culottes, because it is cotton and very comfy.  I like the surprise element of the shirt because it seems to be a normal top when viewed from the front and then becomes racier when viewed from the back.  Flat shoes is a must for me when I know that I would be walking a lot.  I am still amazed by women who can go on standing and walking the whole day wearing heels.  I will be probably be mental by the end of the day if I would be on heels like that.  Usually, my general mantra is if I am showing a lot of skin on top, I will be covering most of my lower  part.  You will seldom catch me wearing backless and shorts at the same time unless I am going to the beach; or traveling for a tropical vacation.

backless top from H&M
culottes from H&M
Shoes from FOREVER 21 online shop
bag from PHILIP LIM
bangles from H&M
eyewear from MIUMIU

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